August 20, 2017

Etsy Adds More Options For Sellers

Etsy just got a lot better for sellers. With one simple announcement, sellers are going to be able to offer their inventory in a whole new way. Well, it’s actually a really old way, but it’s a new for Etsy. The company announced that it’s giving U.S. sellers free card […]

e-Commerce SEO: How to avoid eBay’s $200 million Panda mistake

August 4, 2014 Tim Peter

You think you’ve got e-Commerce SEO problems? Well, did you hear how Google’s Panda update is going to cost eBay about $200 million in revenue this year? While $200 million is, ahem, only about 1% of eBay’s annual revenues, it still represents–if you’ll pardon the technical term–a metric crap ton […]

Email Marketing and Mobile Commerce Working Together

July 15, 2014 Chris Crum

Custora has released a new report based on its “E-Commerce Pulse” data from over 100 online retailers, 70 million consumers, and $10 billion in transaction revenue. It says that mobile e-commerce has hit an all-time high, which is hardly surprising.

Ecommerce Analytics Revamp Comings From Google

June 2, 2014 Chris Crum

Google announced the beta release of a “complete revamp” of its ecommerce analytics, which it says will provide richer insights into pre-purchase shopping behavior and product performance. It will let you analyze how far shoppers get into the shopping funnel, and where you lose them, and help you understand what […]

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