August 20, 2017

7 Year Extension on Internet Taxation Passed By Senate

November 1, 2007 Janet Meiners

Good news for online retailers and ecommerce – the Senate passed legislation that could ban taxes on sales for the next seven years. If passed into law would extend the moratorium on Internet taxes. Called The Internet Tax Freedom Act, it has been in effect since 1998 and has already […]

Taxing E-tail Sales: The Impact

October 5, 2007 Greg Howlett

Efforts to force internet retailers to collect sales tax seem to be strengthening. Brick and mortar retailers are spending a lot of money to try to get federal legislation passed because states currently cannot force businesses outside their jurisdiction to collect sales tax on orders shipped into the state.

Killing The Goose That Laid The Interactive Eggs

September 24, 2007 Andy Beal

It appears Scripps-the 100+ year old media company-isn’t having the level of success with online media it had hoped. Acquiring online comparison shopping site Shopzilla for $525 million in cash in 2005, Scripps indicated it expected great growth fromthe company. Unfortunately, it appears tougher competition and increased costs have thrown […]

The E-commerce Balancing Act

August 27, 2007 Kevin Gold

If you operate an e-commerce business, you’ll know intimately well the balancing act constantly playing out in your mind and in your strategic and tactical planning processes. As you plan your next move to take your web business to an even higher level of performance, you’re confronted with multiple and […]

The Average Conversion Rate

August 6, 2007 Kevin Gold

A question I am asked frequently is what is the average conversion rate for an e-commerce website or for any website for that matter. There is a basic answer and a more complicated yet more practical one. For the basic answer I reference a recent study conducted by Forrester as […]

Gain The Trust Of Prospective ECommerce Customers

June 25, 2007 Wisam Abdulaziz

If you’ve got an eCommerce website you understand perfectly the need to generate a reliable stream of traffic to your venue. Reliable and steady traffic means reliable and steady profits. Of course, there are many factors that come into play when you are dealing with developing and then maintaining a […]

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